Andrea Priora

"I love to think creative and be creative in many things... artistic passion has always flows inside me: IT'S IN MY DNA... and I don't want to give up."

Making electronic music since start of '90s (during the years of university studies), Andrea is a keyboard player from the italian big city of Milano, composer and producer of melodic and emotive "mind voyaging" soundscapes, covering various genres from Electronica, Chill Out, Ambient and New Age - Space Music to Trance and Hybrid Orchestral Soundtracks.

His distinctive sound and touch pools influences from big names of electronic music, film and games composers (for example Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Enigma, Mike Oldfield, Robert Miles, Ferry Corsten, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky, James Newton Howard, Joseph Trapanese, Inon Zur, Sam Hulick), merging orchestral sounds with the electronic and acoustic.

However during his adolescence in the 80's he listened a lot to various music genres: rock, new wave, electronica, new age, space music, heavy metal, orchestral classical and movie soundtracks.



Even if he started playing keys very late, with 9 albums released (the first five during MP3.com golden era) he has been quite productive in the distant past before heavy health problems (mostly with tendons and neuropathies) happened and made him slow down with life and music producing. However not giving up and reinventing his sounds, 3 different album projects are in process.

Not bound to a single style, Andrea isn't typically mainstream, but very untrendy trying to build something deep musically that goes beyond the fashion of the moment.

But because melodic and emotive things usually catch his ear, he often finds himself at ease with strong melodies and chord structures riding on fast beat.
That's why he found instantly himself wandering also towards Trance at the end of '90s, even if not fond of the mainstream music played in italian discotheques.

Andrea's online success started over on MP3.com, where he achieved some first place chart positions and some hundred thousand downloads worldwide, selling his music all over the world and earning him a respective fanbase, happy to discover and listen to his music.

Since 2009, after the two No Ordinary Human albums, Andrea evolved his cinematic musical path learning more about orchestration and orchestral sampled instruments merging their sound in his electronic and acoustic mix.
For various reasons unfortunately the new album of that kind is still not finished yet.

Recently he moved back also to the old roots of classic electronic soundscapes (Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis) and Trance Dream sound for his latest projects.

Beside music other artistic passions flow inside Andrea... as inventing and writing sci-fi stories, as doing computer graphics (he has done all covers graphics and design for his albums), as having practiced chinese martial arts like Wing Chun, Taiji Chuan Chen style, Hung Gar, Tang Lang or Qi Gong and meditation, as well Shiatsu "massage" art and Reiki.
He is fond of tv-series (various genres), videogames, sci-fi novels and... cats.

He is part of the UK label Earth Academy Records (E.A.R. )
since 2007, publishing his albums under their catalog.


  • Destiny » (1998) « EAR-021 »
  • Beyond My Ice » (1999) « EAR-022 »
  • Trance Flares » (2000) «
  • Neuromantic Visions » (2001) « EAR-023 »
  • Fairy Dazzles » (2002) « EAR-024 »
  • Flares Beyond My Vision » (2004) « EAR-025 »
  • Dazzles Of Destiny » (2005) «
  • No Ordinary Human TIS: Themes » (2008) « (EAR-027) »
  • No Ordinary Human TIS: Extended Score » (2008) « EAR-028 »
  • Oxygene Flares » (2016) « EAR-050 »
  • Trance Flares Reloaded » (on work) « TBA »
  • Cinematic Flares » (on work) « TBA »
  • Dystopian Dreams » (on work) « TBA »

  • with H3O Reaktor
  • Emotional Reaction » (2005) « EAR-026 »
  • World Wide Kind 2 » (2006) « EAR-001 »
  • World Wide Kind 1.5 » (2008) «
  • World Wide Kind 3 » (on work) « TBA »
  • Cosmonaut The Remixes » (on work) « TBA »
  • Flying Cars Sky Chase was inserted in the digital album compilation (may 2013) Sin-Machina Chapter 4 by House Shinto Records: www.houseshinto.com

  • Inverted Polarity -wwk mix and Megacity 4 wwk have been inserted in the digital only release on MusicZeit version of EAR's compilation World Wide Kind 1.5 (2008) as bonus tracks.

  • Baby Don't You Want Me (featuring Nina) trance remix of the original song by NINA, Goddess of Dance, was chosen and included in Megatropolis 2000 compilation by US label Cybortronik.

  • Mechanotherapy trance remix of the original track by Scribe Machine, a musical group from USA, was included on the album Replicant (2002).
    It was the only remixed track by other artists they chose to put onto their album.

  • Chronologie 4 cover/remix of the original track by Jean Michel Jarre was released in september 2002 on the compilation Jarre Forever, a double cd tribute to Jean Michel Jarre published by the norvegian Hyperion Media.

  • Inverted Polarity - Action Mix is one of the leading tracks for Tomb Raider Tokyo, a Tomb Raider mod produced by british videogames programmer Mirai of Intelligentsia Network.

  • Mutiny Of The Bounty cover/remix of the original track by Vangelis should have been included on Masters Of Electronics, a cd compilation tribute to Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, published by the norvegian Hyperion Media.
    Unfortunately that compilation has never seen the light, because for the producer the project did not received enough good tracks to put on.
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