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Making electronic music since start of '90s, Andrea Priora is a keyboard player from Italy, composer and producer of melodic and emotive "mind voyaging" soundscapes, covering various genres from Nu-Ambient, New Age and Soundtracks to Electronica and Trance.
With 9 released albums and 3 other different ones in process he has a lot to express.

Not bound to a single style, Andrea isn't typically mainstream, but very untrendy trying to build something deep musically that goes beyond the fashion of the moment.
While he has a distinctive sound and touch his main influences can be found among big names of classic electronic music and film-games composers (Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Enigma, Mike Oldfield, Robert Miles, Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky, James Newton Howard, Joseph Trapanese, Inon Zur, Sam Hulick for example), merging orchestral sounds with the electronic and acoustic.

Because melodic and emotive things catch usually his ear, he often finds himself at ease with strong melodies and chord structures riding on fast beat.
That's why he found instantly himself wandering also towards Trance at the end of '90s, even if he is not fond of the mainstream music played in italian discotheques.
Andrea's online success started over on MP3.com, where he achieved some first place chart positions and some hundred thousand downloads worldwide, selling his music all over the world and earning him a respective fanbase, happy to discover and listen to his music.

Since 2009 Andrea evolved also the new soundtrack cinematic musical path merging orchestral sound with his electronic and acoustic mix adding new composers to influence his sound.
Recently he moved back also to the old roots of classic electronic soundscapes (Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis) and dream-trance sound for his new projects.

He is part of the UK label Earth Academy Records (E.A.R. ) publishing his albums under their catalog.